Sunday, May 16, 2010

My 1st Friend... Boogie

You met your 1st friend when you were a year old. She is Boogie, her mommy and I are very good friends from high school. Boogie is timid, quiet, sweet and obedient. This is the 1st time I ever saw you try and hit a baby and it bothered me very much. Good thing Boogie's mommy is very nice and even found you funny. You went to Gymboree to play together. The next time you met you 2 went to Picture Company to have your photo taken together and lastly we went to Boogie's 1st birthday party.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

My Feet

A year in my shoes. My very 1st shoes was given to me by my Gwama, she bought me white leather ballet slippers with a big bow on top from Ralph Lauren for my Baptism.

My next shoes were from old navy, mommy got them online and Ninang Nat brought them home for me.

My owl shoes were bought from Robeez and Ninang Nat brought them home too. I really loved my owl shoes, I kept touching their eyes and wondering what they were. Too bad I only got to wear them a few times because my feet got too fat too fast.

My white shoes with tiny red flowers were from Lola Annette, gwakong's sister. she got them from the states too.

My Santa boots were from Ninang Jean and she looked for them at the request of my mommy for my Christmas costumes last December.

The next 2 shoes are from Baby Company, I ruined the silver one in less than a wk. the white ones I still wear.

My mommy bought me my 1st rubber shoes here last December, She got them from Adidas and was and that i was never able to wear the tiny baby shoes of Adidas or any other rubber shoe company. A few days later I got my pasalubong from Ninong Ba and he got me another pair of Adidas rubber shoes! I wear them both alternately.

Last but not the least, Gwama got me my Lacoste ballet slippers from France when they went to Europe this year. My mommy forced my feet into them because they were kinda small. I wore them all the times I went out that month until they really didn't fit anymore.

So there you are. These are all my shoes so far :D