Saturday, October 15, 2011

Johnson Park

I hate getting stuck in traffic so instead of going to our usual park (the mall near it is on a 3 day sale) I opted for somewhere closer and that is Johnson Park.  When we got there M1 immediately went to the slides.  Though they were too small for her taste and left no thrill she still had a lot of fun. So much fun that she didn't want to leave an hour after playing there.

She made me promise to bring her back there before she agreed to leave.

World Of Fun

My parents take M1 to rockwell a few times each month.  They go early to avoid the crowds and they go straight up to the top floor and let her wild.  She rides on the piggy, car, giraffe and skater.  I have yet to find out what these things really are because I've only been there once or twice with her.  It costs P50 for one ride that lasts around 1-3 minutes (i'm only assuming).  She absolutely loves the place.  She loves rockwell and she never wants to leave.  You have to buy a card and have it topped up with load to be able to get the rides going.  If you put in 500php you get an extra 200php.

Rockwell, is not near the house and if it's traffic it can take more than an hour to get home so I opted for the SM mall nearest my house and went to World Of Fun where it costs 5php for 1 ride!  What a GREAT DEAL!  We stay for an hour and she rides on the same rides the whole time.  I only spend 100php for that full hour.  The only negative side is that when it gets to around 5pm there are too many people in the place.  It is literally packed with kids and adults alike.  So we have to leave because when all the rides and games are being played it becomes too noisy for my ears.  We went there twice this week.

Kids Workshop At Shoppesville

My parents are away so my mom's driver is all mine.  I have listed down all the places I want to visit with the kids.  Our 1st stop was the nearest indoor playground to our house.  It's been raining alot so the parks in the villages are sure to be wet.

Kids Workshop in Shoppesville Arcade in Greenhills was a great hit on the kids.  And a definite big hit on my wallet.  I paid almost 1,000php for 2 kids and 3 yayas to play in an area as small as a classroom for only an hr.  (I brought 2 yayas bec M1's yaya is leaving and so I had to bring the new one along to let her get used to going out with the new yaya)  They have 2 slides that are relatively small, a climbing wall for toddlers and and art area.  They have 3 versions of the little tikes cars and 3 rocking horses.  There is also a reading area and a sort of dollhouse area.  Though for me the place is really underwhelming the kids seemed to love it.  M1 has a thing for slides so thats where she stayed for the 1st 30minutes.  M2 rode on the 3 horses and 3 cars and then ended up reading books. 

We went on a tuesday afternoon so there were only 2 other kids there.  They were rowdy enough for the small space.  I can't imagine going on a weekend or letting the kids play if the place is packed.  The really good thing about the place is its security,  you have to ring the doorbell for them to let you in.  They tag the kids with serial numbered bracelets and the corresponding adult are given ids.  Whoever is picking up the kids are given a hard plastic thing where your pick up time is written. 

It costs almost 300 per hour and if you add around 100 more you canget unlimited play  which is more applicable to bigger kids.  You HAVE TO BRING SOCKS!  If not you can get them for 30php each.  An additional yaya costs 60-70pesos per person.  So, that is how I came to spend 1,000 in an hour. 

Will I go back, maybe not. But it all depends on how kulit M1 is about the damn green slide.