Monday, April 18, 2011

Busy Busy Butterfly

Its been a busy few days thats why I haven't been updating my blog. We had another scare with her urine culture, with the results saying she had 50,000 bacteria in her pee BUT again the results were false, the doctor said.  I think Cardinal Santos Medical Hospital should give out 50% discounts when they come out with inaccurate results.  A Urine culture costs 1,500php and yet I have yet to get a correct one.

We also went to an easter egg hunt prepared by my good good friend May and cousin.  It was a super EGGciting event for me since it was the MnM's 1st time to do something like this.  We didn't get a lot of eggs because M2 was just sleeping (even if she was awake she would have been useless at egg finding) and M1 only wanted to get orange and violet eggs, nothing else.

We have been going out more often and I've noticed a change both kids.  They've become more adaptable and friendly.  The once scared of strangers M1 and M2 are now interacting with people they've never seen before.  All they really need is food in their bellies and they are good to go.

On our way to our easter egg hunt

At Mongkok's opening in Rockwell Business Club

At the doctor's ofc
my new creations

Friday, April 15, 2011

Strict on schedule

I have always been strict about M1's schedule.  From the moment she showed me she had a routine I followed that with a vengeance.  I read somewhere that children thrive more if they have a schedule and thrive she did.  She slept long hours during the night and slept at the exact amount of time she needed in the afternoons.  We went out according to her schedule and kept those trips to the mall to an hour or less.  She has never fallen asleep in her stroller, she has only slept at another person's bed once in her life and has fallen asleep in the car only once.  They say if your child falls asleep in the car its a sign that they aren't getting enough rest.  Now that she's a toddler she tries to escape milk time or sleep time but only for a few minutes.  She's on a schedule so much so that when I said to her "Milk time!" she said "11:45 na!"  She doesn't know what time it is during the day but she knows that she drinks milk at 11:45am and the sleep time is at 7pm.

The greatest drawback of my being super strict with her schedule is that she cries when she's past her nap time.  We cannot extend our mall walking hours because she wants to go home already.  We have never finished a birthday party because of her and we cannot bring her out during lunches or dinners because those are her sleep times.  Now that she's older we dream of making her more adjustable.  2 years later I realized that I have spoiled her in this way, I regret it a little but not so much.  She wouldn't be as tall as she is now (people think she's 3yo) if she didn't sleep as much as she did.  She wouldn't always be so healthy and chubby if we kept bringing her out even if she's super tired already.  I find it hard to not grant her wish to go home when she wants to, how do you deprive your child from feeling safe and comfortable because you still want to go shopping.  If it were the other way around and she was at home and was crying because she wanted to go out, I would just ignore her.  But hearing her wail "Makine GO HOME Naaaaaaa" breaks my heart to pieces.  That is why this June I plan to take her to school for 1 month and then the yaya will take over.  Because I am sure I won't be able to take it and I just might apply to work in her school just to be with her.  So, if i don't see her crying I won't be tempted to "save" her from her misery.

This Holy week we plan to take her to the beach, 30minute car rides feel like 1 day to her or at least she acts like it.  We will be leaving during her nap time so hopefully she will just fall asleep on the 2hr ride there.  Good luck to us and I really hope the kids have fun!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Best Way To Prepare Baby's Food

The best way to prepare your baby's food is to steam it.  Boiling veggies takes away the nutrients you want to give to them.  Steaming does its job of making everything mushy but keeping all the good stuff in!  You can also bake is you like to experiment.

There are different ways to mash up food, I'm sure you've figured out your own way.  We actually just use a fork because with M2 she's only going to eat a few bites the 1st time around.  With M1 the nanny uses a cheese grater, with is actuallly very innovative because at least you're sure you get all the big chunks out.  Yup! Maxine's food is still mushy because she hates to chew!  The plus about this is that she eats alot but in a short span of time.  The negative is she doesn't eat what we eat yet.  Don't get me wrong, she can chew rice and chicken and etc, she just doesn't want to.

If you feel that the food you are making for baby is too dry, feel free to add breastmilk or water then lessen water as baby gets used to swallowing.

Serving tips

  • Serve the food no warmer than body temperature.
  • Use caution if you heat meals in the microwave. Microwaves heat unevenly and can create "hot spots" – areas of the food that are much hotter than others – so be sure to stir microwaved food well and let it sit for a few minutes before serving.
  • Only dish out the amount of food you think your baby will eat at that feeding. You'll need to toss what's left over because your baby's saliva will get into the mixture and make it easy for bacteria to grow in the food.
  • Don't sweeten your baby's food. Babies don't need any extra sugar. And never use honey or corn syrup, which can cause botulism – a potentially fatal form of food poisoning – in babies.
  • Use seasonings. Despite the tradition of feeding babies bland food, they can tolerate and enjoy different flavors.
  • Refrigerate leftovers in an airtight container and use them up within a couple of days. You can also freeze leftovers in ice cube trays or similar devices. After the cubes are frozen solid, remove them and store in plastic freezer bags. Fruits and vegetables frozen this way will last six to eight months. Meat (including poultry) and fish will last one to two months.

Always remember to wait 3 days before introducing new food to check for allergic reactions.

*food tips are taken from

Monday, April 11, 2011

Birthday Parties

I love attending children's parties, I think I love them more than my kids do.  I also love making them wear costumes.  So yesterday's party was definitely my cup of tea!  We have yet to stay and finish a party because of Maxine's issues with going out.  She loves to go out but only for a few hours.  Especially in unfamiliar locations.  Yesterday we went to a really really great birthday party and after less than 2 hrs she was crying because she wanted to go home already.  I don't know if she got scared because the lights were turned out or because she was getting tired from all the excitement.  I have yet to figure out her thing with wanting to go home and crying.  Even in school there comes a point in the class where she tries to stop her tears from falling because she wants to go home all of a sudden.  But all in all we had a blast at the party, I just hope Maxine can enjoy herself more by herself as she grows older.  

waiting for the car

Thank you to JT's parents for inviting us, we really had fun in the party!

Friday, April 8, 2011

New Products

Aside from the flower headbands I've been making, I also successfully made corker hair ties!  Here are my summer colors to brighten your day even more!

Girl's Best Friend

Mocha Sweetie

Citrus Cooler

Sweet Kitties

Popsicle Party

Glam Safari
If you want to order just leave me a comment here.  I'm going to have to work on my own facebook page so you can leave me messages there next time.  But that's for another day, for this momma the weekend has already started and I am going to have some time to relax and play with the kids.  We're off to the pool tom! Have a happy summer everyone!


As I watched my child peel and squeeze oranges my heart swelled with pride and joy.  I watched her run around the classroom and talk to the teachers gaily.  Again my heart swelled up until I realized how silly I was being.  It's not as if she stepped on the moon or found a cure for cancer.  She is just squeezing oranges.  I had to bring myself to reality and acknowledge that what she is doing has been done by a countless number of people.  It is not a big deal...

with teacher Ann

peeling an orange

getting cheese

spreading it
They also spread cheese on crackers.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

1st Day of Summer School

At the last minute I decided to enroll M1 to summer classes.  Twice a week we'll be going to cooking class.  It started today and she handled it fairly well.  There were a few minutes in class where she almost cried (even if I was with her the whole time) but she held it in.  She just wanted to go home and feel safe again.  I enrolled her for this not only because she loves to cook but so that she would get used to going to the school and be comfortable with the place before her real classes start.  She doesn't pay attention to the teacher when we're sitting on the mat (that was the worst time for her) but she enjoyed painting on her apron and snack time.

Later, we're going to pick her clothes for tomorrows class and to prepare her bag.  I still don't know when she will be able to handle being in class alone, but i'm sure it will be too soon to leave her tomorrow.  Hopefully when real school starts we'll be able to let each other go.

oh no outfit

sharing her cookies with her new friend

happy bear
BTW, this is the 1st time in her life that she wore something so NOT matching.  The top I prepared for her last night was too big and at the last minute she changed her shoes.  Hopefully we'll be more fashionable on our 2nd day.


Often times I am amazed at my child's imagination.  She often thinks of things that I wouldn't think of, ever!  The other day she got my headset and said "doctor doctor".  She was thinking that it was the same as a stethoscope..  Earlier this afternoon she sat on a box that wasn't full and she said "rocking horse" because she sort of rocked on top of it.  The cheap thrills are endless, pretending to cook with imaginary eggs, oil and garlic.  Pretending to prepare her milk and pretending to feed me food.  All this pretending led to me enroll her in summer classes in her future pre-school.  twice a week we are going to take some cooking classes for 2 year olds.  Today is our first day! we'll see how it goes!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


They say you shouldn't cut baby's hair until they turn 1.  I didn't cut M1's until she was almost 2, for no other reason than her hair doesn't grow that much.  I gave her bangs because all little girls should have bangs.  I was so proud of my work that I even boasted about it when I got my own hair cut.  I have been cutting her bangs for the past few months, they grow so fast.  It is the opposite for her hair at the back.  It isn't growing at all! I don't know why!  I tried to let the bangs grow too but today I couldn't help it, I cut it again.  She wouldn't sit still nor would she look at me as I was cutting so the finished product is crooked and funny looking.

I could have done a better job but you refused to look at me while I was cutting your hair.  One side became too short so I had to cut the opther side again to make it even.  In short, this was all your fault. :P


P.S.  You still look very very very cute in my eyes.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Keeping Busy

Following Daddy around

Going through our things

Removing tape, prices and stickers

Playing with her toys
This is her life everyday.  How do your kids spend their day?

Family Pictures

I never thought getting a good family picture would be this hard, but it is.  This is the 1st family picture we have and it was taken this weekend.  M2 is 6 months old now.  Here is a sample of one of the 10 tries before we got 1 so so shot.

This weekend we also went to Picture Company Rockwell to have our formal family shoot taken.  I cannot wait to see the finished products.  We were able to have solo shots of each of the girls taken but non of the 2 of them together.  Maybe when M2 is older making them pose will be easier.  Will post a picture of the shoot when we have it already. Here are some of the headbands we were choosing from to wear to the photo shoot.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Eating Healthy

I was a very strict mom when it came to the food that M1 was allowed to eat.  She's never had ice cream and was supposed to try it for the 1st time on her 2nd birthday but all those plans failed when M2 got sick a few days before the ice cream party.  She is now 2yrs and 3mos old and she has tasted ice cream but she didn't like it.  She's also tried chocolates like Godiva, MnMs, and reese but she didn't like any of those either.  I've tried to trick her into eating gummi bears but it didn't work.

So, the toddler who eats boiled chicken, boiled beef and boiled everything healthy hates trying out new things.  I was so glad that she loved spaghetti and french fries.  She also loves donuts and mojos.  But thats about it.  I tried to give her popcorn, cotton candy and skittles.  Failed attempts.  I'm sure next time she will love all those things but for now I'm also glad she's super healthy.

Household Help. UGH!

I have been a tired human for the past 2 weeks.  My household helper went on vacation and promised to come back a few days ago but never did.  I tried calling her up and texting her but she never picked up nor replied.  She was with me for a year and so I really don't understand why she didn't just tell me that she didn't have plans of coming back.  The day before she left she kept saying what time she'd arrive and etc.  As the days passed the two yayas here were starting to say that they had an inkling she wouldn't be back for 2 reasons.  1 was because she brought all her things and 2 she apparently found a boyfriend and left with him.

This is a story that we've all heard before.  This, im sure has happened to you or to someone you know.  They are all the same.  It is truly a waste of time to even try and comprehend the reasons behind their actions.  So you live, you learn and you move on.

If it weren't too hard on the 2 yayas to not have someone clean the house and cook their food I wouldn't really need another household helper.  But they really don't have the time to cook.  I have been cleaning my own room and bathroom for the past 2 weeks or so.  It's very doable but why do it yourself when you can hire someone else to do it.  There has been a picture of a yaya on Facebook a few weeks ago, warning people not to get her and my bff's cousin and I actually wanted to make a site wherein you post the pic of your old employees and say what happened just so there will be a warning to other people.  We never really got to do it, but it's good in a way that parents now take the time to do that for fear of other children's safety.  So, post your pictures and tell your story.  Inform others so that people may learn from what has happened to you.

 Maids, you can't live with them but you can't live without them.