Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cute Kids? Read This Article.

I am always on the look out for interesting articles about parenting and kids.  As a parent I am 100% sure I have a lot to learn from experts.  Also as a parent who has 2 cute little girls we always get compliments about how they look and adorable they are.  This article is for everyone with good looking children who are getting used to people fawning over them and always complimenting them on their looks.

Friday, July 22, 2011

So Far So Good

Its been 3 days since the new yaya came to the house and things have been going well.  My 100 prayers have been answered, the yaya I chose, M1 immediately liked.  She can spend a few minutes in her room with the new yaya without the old one.  Which is a really good sign.  They read books alot and play with her toys.  I just let them get to know each other.

On other news, Toys R Us USA is having another 2 day sale on Leapfrog toys and Vtech toys for babies.  The bad news is (as my friend S discovered too late) that they don't accept credit cards that aren't from the US.

Gap is having a 1 day only 40% off sale!  I get M1's jeans from them and some sandals and shoes.  I always get one size bigger since she's really tall for her age the american size is just right for her.

Lastly, Kk's been so funny, making new faces everyday and becoming friendlier too!  Don't you just love her new facial expression?? :)

Monday, July 18, 2011


The past few days I have been so focused at solving the problem at hand and felt so down about it that today something even worse came along.  When it rains, it pours.  Kk had a slight increase in temperature the other day so we immediately went to the doctor.  She had a check up and was diagnosed as fine but the doc said to be sure lets get a Urinalysis.  So we did.  She gets the results today and lets me know to get a Urine Culture.  I worry.  I keep calling up Cardinal Santos asking them to email me the results and I get the results at 10:30pm.  When there's nothing I can do about it anymore but wait til morning to buy new meds for M2.

M2's sickness requires her to drink a small dose of antibiotics everyday to keep the UTI away but once its there the medicine is not enough to cure her.  So we have to make sure that the medicine is still working that is why we get a urinalysis and or culture every month.  It hasn't been a month yet but the signs to worry are her becoming cranky and an increase in temperature.  When I got home from school on Friday I carried her and felt that she was hotter than normal.  We rushed to the hospital and the next day we submitted the urine sample.  We thought she was getting a cough but she didn't.  She has 94.40 bacteria cells when the normal should be from 0-110.  Her meds aren't working anymore so tomorrow we have to give her the newly prescribed ones.  I hope it works fast.  I hope the bacteria doesn't increase anymore.

When I talk about my kids to friends they say that M1 is my obvious favorite but they don't know how much prayers I have made and sleepless nights I have gone through because of my M2.  I don't talk about her much because she doesn't do much yet and when I talk about her i cannot help but worry about her.  I just want her to be the little baby sitting on my bed relaxing, not needing any attention and not caring about the world.  Favorites shmavorites.  M1 and M2 are both my favorites.  To measure who I love more is clearly impossible because to measure how much I love them then you would need (to quote the bunny in Guess How Much I Love you) to go to the moon and back.

Plan Of Attack

These past few days have been filled with calling agencies, ranting to people and asking mommy friends to help me find a yaya.  I've been talking to moms I know asking what the best thing to do is and I've finally come up with the Game Plan that I think is best.

The key to all this is helping Maxine understand that her yaya is leaving.  I have been telling her that her Ate Mae is going to leave soon to go back home to her mommy.  I was careful not to use the word "province" because that is where some maids went and never came back so M1 hates that word.  She is capable of understanding things already and I think mentally she is prepared.  She understands it in her mind but of course when doomsday comes she will still cry.

Once I find someone suitable to my wants (meaning we agree on the salary, numbers of daysoff and my general feel of her voice, demeanor and appearance) I will take her in and let her shadow the current yaya.  She will get to know M1 and play with her as much as possible.  At night she will sleep in M1's room so that M1 will get used to waking up seeing her.  I wish to do this for at least a week,  nearing the end of that week, M1 will be put to sleep knowing that the new yaya is there.  She usually hates this but even if she cries she has to get used to it because eventually the new yaya will be the one to put her to bed anyways.

Step 2 is trying to get M1 to agree to the new yaya bathing her.  This will be easier compared to her feeding her or giving her her milk because M1 loves to play with water and its also easier to be bathed by 2 people.  We will 1st play in the inflatable pool from day1 and then on day3 be bathed by them both and day 7/8 by only the new yaya.  The feeding and the milk, I still dont know how or when to start that.  But the putting to sleep the new yaya can take over mid way, when M1 is already half asleep, this will start on day4.  Until M1 gets used to having a new person putting her to sleep, but im sure she wont let the new one do it on her own with her fully conscious.  That will only happen when the old yaya is gone and she doesn't have a choice.

I think getting to know the new yaya for at least 2 weeks is enough.  It will be difficult but as long as she likes her then it wont be as challenging.  I'm basing all this to her adjustment in school.  She adjusted and trusted her teachers in a week.  As long as she knows i'm outside she's fine.  So that's all we need to do, is to slowly let her know she can trust the new yaya and that the new yaya is her friend.

I will let the old yaya go on a weekend so that Maxine won't have to deal with the stress of her leaving and the stress of going to school without her old yaya.  We can also go out on Sunday to distract her from the pain.  At least when Monday comes she will have had 2 days to accept what has happened.

The only thing missing in my plan is the new yaya.  When I find the replacement the next problem is making sure she doesn't give up during the adjustment period because those will be trying times.  So if any of you see any flaws in my plan or advice then please do let me know.  I am losing sleep and have lost some of my appetite because of my current situation.  I hate waiting.  I like to tackle the problem and get it over with.  But I am enjoying these days when M1 is feeling as happy as she is because she doesn't really know whats coming.

My Life. My Kids.

When I peek inside Maxine's classroom and I see her shrinking inside her shell, I wonder where is the little girl who talks non stop and sings and dances by herself at home.  I wonder where the little child who literally whistles while she works goes off.  She is so shy and timid in school.  She doesn't participate so much, she just watches the other kids.  The demanding go-getter vanishes once she's in school.  Is this a good thing or a bad thing?  I want her to take the lead and be herself.  But I am secretly thankful too that she shows restraint in class.  She has learned to wait for her turn, share things and listen attentively.

Today Teacher M isn't there so there were 2 new faces in class and she was still fine.  I took this as a good sign for when I find a new yaya for her.  The search continues.  Goodluck to me.

I think she understands that the end is coming and she has started acting out by harassing her sister again.  Shobe Kk is so in love with her achie but alas! The feeling is not YET mutual.  M1 has again grown out of love for her sister.  She is taking out her anger on her and she has been crying more.  Her sister on the other hand is the happy little mallow smiling and shoving everything into her mouth.  She is pleasant and more active, she wakes up alone in her room and she just patiently waits for someone to come in.  She plays with her toys and knows how to fall asleep on her own.  She is so the opposite of her sister.  She is more independent at 9months than M1 who is already two and a half.  How different they are from each other.  M1 is growing up to be more like her daddy everyday while M2 is just like me.  She rarely cries because she's sad, her cries are angry and annoyed ones.  She's always pleasantly happy but not super hyper happy like her Achie.  They are like night and day, hot and cold, sweet and salty.  They are my whole world.

Moms Who Wait

Its been a month since M1 started school and so far its all been okay.  She's changed a bit, improved in some ways and has grown friendlier.  Some changes I can't really put my finger on but I really want her to gain more independence and I think somehow that's already happening.  She's learned to trust people more and I have more confidence that she can adjust faster with the changes that are coming her way.  I'm still scared but I think she'll do okay.

Her classes are now 2 hours long and I've found ways to keep myself busy while i'm waiting for her there.  I've met the moms of her classmates and the moms of the other toddler class.  We stay outside and wait for our kids.  I've been keeping myself busy by reading a magazine, uploading more games on my phone and making hairclips. Honestly, I want to watch her while she's in class.  I want to see how she's doing and when I peek inside their classroom my ehart never fails to swell up in pride as I watch her explore the world on her own.  

playing on the slide
with her classmates after playtime, sitting on the steps.

inside the classroom by the wall
They grow up so fast.  They grow up too fast and too soon.  Before we know it they'll be in high school and prefer their friends than us.  I cherish each and every time she cries for me and looks for me because I know it wont last forever.  My baby bear I wish you could stay like this forever but I also look forward to teaching you how to read, reading to you Harry Potter and exploring the world together. 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Grizzly Bear

It's been months since I last blogged and a lot has happened.  Yesterday Maxine's yaya Mae, said she wanted to leave and despite all the bribes and what nots I offered to her she still said she has decided on leaving.  Who knows why and what her real reasons are but for the past few weeks we have all noticed a big change in her demeanor towards my Bear.  She has been more cruel and impatient with her.  She is burnt out.  I know Maxine is a handful, even I sometimes need time away from her.  I have been feeling so many things yesterday because of her announcement that I felt the need to blog.

A leaving yaya is one of the worst things because I know it will be hard for my Bear, I know she will spend a few nights crying looking for the person who always put her to sleep for the past 8 months.  She will spend a month or even more asking everyone where her Ate Mae is.  But tonight as I was showering I realized that she is tough.  She is as tough as she looks.  I don't call her bear because she's gentle.  She is my grizzly bear, stomping her way into the woods of life.  Finding things out on her own and adeptly adjusting to new situations.  I have been the zoo keeper so fearful of having to find her hurt or sad.  But sadness is a part of life and I know I cannot keep her from pain forever.  She WILL get through this.  She will get hurt but I will try my best to help her understand that it is a part of life, people always leave.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Start Of School

School began 2 weeks ago and I have met a few moms during the time that I've spent waiting for M1 to come out of the classroom.  Most of them are older than me and have older kids.  Its been an awesome feeling to see my darling bear grow up so much in the past few days.  What I expected to be a terrible, tearful and painful ordeal has been one of excitement and fun.  I know I chose the right school for her.  With 3 adults and 8 students I know for sure that my child is being watched constantly.

Before school starts I get 3 books for M1 to read.  Spot Goes to School.  The Kissing Hand.  I Love You Everyday.  I repeat to her that the kids in the books go to school by themselves.
Day One (Friday):
Classes begin.  We walk inside the school and leave her yaya outside at the waiting area.  She cries.  I remind of that her yaya will just be waiting by the fish when she finishes class.  Class is only for 30minutes.  We play and get to know one another.
Week One:
Classes officially start.  I stay with her inside the room.  Only half the class is there and it lasts only half the time.  An hour.  They play with the toys and try to start the routine.  She haves fun.  She gets to know her teachers and gets to spend more time with Teacher E so she comes home with a conclusion that Teacher E is her favorite. The kids are so cute.  The teachers are more than capable and Teacher M tells me that next week we will try to attend class with me outside.  I prepare myself and my child.  We are ready (at least I hope we are)

Week Two:
I remind bear that I will be waiting outside for her, that I wont be going inside the room anymore.  She cries as the teacher takes her hand and walks with her inside the classroom.  She cries and she cries and she cries. I peak inside and see that the Yaya is the one carrying her and I tell the teacher she prefers the other teacher. She stops crying after a short while.  She cried for 5-10minutes.
The next day she wakes up and she starts crying, she says she doesn't want to go to school and that she wants mommy with her inside.  We get to school and when she goes inside the classroom she tears up and that was it.  The 3rd day she cries for a bit in the house and doesn't cry at all in school. The 4th day, we are almost fine.  The 5th day, we are all set for school.

It took her 2 weeks to adjust and trust new people.  Faster than I expected.  The preparation before starting school was the key.  Summer classes helped because she was already familiar with the place and the week that the teachers played with her helped her get to know them.  One week. I'm glad, proud and I look forward to hugging her everyday after her class.