Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bear and School

Baby bear has now gone to school 4times. We enrolled you in a playgroup in Cambridge Preschool. You have only 1 classmate named Gian and he's usually absent. The 1st time you went, he had a runny nose and the next day you got sick. You had to drink anti biotics for the 1st time in your life, mommy didn't want you to drink it but Dr.Yap was afraid your cough and colds might turn into pneumonia. You liked drinking your medicine and even started saying the word "medicine" you pretend to give me some too.

You got better and we've gone to school 3 more times after that. You like your teacher Jela, you let her touch you now and carry you in and out of the ballpool. Today you opened up a jar of toys and you put them all back in and closed it and put it back the shelf. Even the teacher was amazed that you know how to put back your toys. Mommy was super proud but the mommy always is. Even if you just stand there, mommy is still proud of you. :)

The only problem we have is that when you see other children you want to hit them. Even when you see yourself in the mirror. This is actually why we decided to bring you to school, so that you'll learn to be with other kids. Too bad you only have 1 classmate and he's rarely there. But i'm glad that you have something to do twice a week and that you enjoy playing by yourself.

1 Year and 7 Months

Today, we went to the Doctor to have your shots and you only cried a little. The receptionist said that you didn't grow any taller or weigh any different but mommy and daddy didn't believe her so we measured your height here at home and you actually grew an inch taller from a month before! You are now 2ft and 11inches tall. My baby giant! You walk and run and laugh so much everyday. We had the carpenter put up the fence for the stairs so we can let you loose here on the 3rd floor.

You still love Ernie the most and you've started to copy Barney's actions when he sings his songs and you especially love it when you wash your hands and play with the water. You ask mommy to sing itsie bitsie spider everyday and you were able to copy me in a day. You've added a few more letters to the alphabet like N, E, S, H, K, O. And you've started to put 2 or 3 words together already. Its getting easier and easier to understand what you're trying to say and at the same time harder too because you learn so many words from so many people so fast we cannot keep up.

You know how to bob your head when music is playing and sometimes dance round and round when Barney is dancing. Its so easy to make you laugh, everytime I hear your laughter my heart jsut wants to explode. You have the most wonderful smile my little bear. I hope I can keep you this way forever :)