Sunday, October 31, 2010


This year it took me a long time to decide what costume to get for Maxine. There were so many mediocre things in the market. Until I found the one! It was a costume from Old Navy but we weren't sure it would reach manila in time. My husband's cousin said it would and so we purchased the costume and waited. The day of trick or treating was coming up and the costume was still nowhere to be found, we lost hope because it was only 4days away and we needed to purchase a costume. We went out and got one we didn't really like. 3 days before trick or treat the costume finally arrived! Here she was wearing it :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

1 Year 10 Months

I cut your hair 2 days ago while you were busy watching Barney and cutting paper. You look so adorable with your bangs mommy just wants to squeeze you and pinch your cheeks. Im happy you didnt cry, you knew i was cutting your hair but you were okay with it. We also started changing your meals. The other night you had spaghetti for dinner and the day after that you had shrimps with rice. You get so excited when you see your rice, its so cute

Here you are with your new hair!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pate and Then Some

We stopped going to school because you kept crying when I left the room and the next level, I couldn't accompany you anymore. So I decided to give you activities here at home. Here you are doing some arts and crafts.

This picture is actually sort of real and fake at the same time. You didnt really eat the Piknik. But I thought it would make for a funny picture.

Your most favorite thing in the world, PATE. Your Gwama let you eat pate from HK months ago and we have been trying to find a replacement here in Manila but somehow you know the difference and refuse to eat the local ones. Your Achie got you alot when she went to HK and here you are eating some.

Eating eggnog cookies.

Eating yanyan without the dip.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oh How Strong You Are

Today you tripped and fell, your forehead hit the base of you bed and you said 'untog' and stood up. Then you cried. You cried for a few seconds while your daddy carried you and u touched your forehead. You then demanded to be released and you stood up and started playing the game we were playing before you fell. My dearest dearest bear, i want you to be srrong, yes but strong enough to know when to ask for help. Strong enough to admit your hurt. When you get hurt i get so scared i almost cry when you cry. This is why i dont play thise kind of games with you. I know people say im over protective but i want to protect you while i still can. You are the apple of my eye. I know you arent perfect and how i wish you would stop hitting people when you get Angry and stop saying 'ayaw' at everything and everyone and be more malambing to those who love you the most. But despite those three things i still love you unconditionally.

I know you're going through a tough time ever since mommy went to the hospital and didnt cime home for 4 days and brought home your baby shobe. I know you dont understand why mommy cant carry you and that it pains you even if you try not to show it. I see your eyes turn red and your tears well up. But Next time these things wont matter anymore and i promise you i will carry you and hold you inmmy arms as soon as i can. My little darling bear oh how brave and strong you think you are... Its ok to be angry or sad, however or whatever you feel mommy will always be here and mommy will always love you.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Whole 9 Months

We were all set and ready to go to Europe in March. Until on Feb 1 we discovered I was pregnant, again. The euro dreams were to again be folded up and put in a box and placed in the cabinet. This is my 9 month journey into the making of our 8.1lb baby.

2 months at the Justin Timberlake concert.

4 Months at C in Clark Pampanga.

5 months. Father's day lunch at La Tienda.

5 months +3lbs. Father's day dinner at Gustavus.

6 months. Dinner at Elbert's with my hubby's cousins. Best steak in Manila. Side dishes were nothing great. Don't eat in a big group, they cant cook the steak properly. My friend told me that before I ate there and that's exactly what happened to us. 1 steak was over cooked and we complained, they changed it but the steak was significantly smaller and we didn't want to complain again.

6 months. Din Tai Fung HK. YUMM!!! best Xiao Long Baos! They even had a pork with black truffle one, but you can't really eat alot of it. I don't know if its because of the taste or the price.

8 months. Gustavus again for the discounted prices for the oysters from 6-8pm (not sure about the time). Butter drunk brain from all the 20+ oysters I devoured.

9 months. Heat Buffet at the Edsa Shangrila hotel. Every friday there's a seafood buffet and they serve lobsters. The real kind and not the ones we usually see in the other buffets. If you go there late the lobsters are bigger and you have less competition because everyone else is already full from the baby lobsters they ate.

Waiting to burst. Baby shower care of BFF at her house.

Take Note: This pregnancy I didn't really crave for anything and didn't want to eat steak. But I ended up eating alot of it. NO regrets. Gained 30lbs total this time around.