Sunday, November 28, 2010

M and M's

Its hard for us to be able to take a picture of you two together because its so hard to take pictures and watch 2 kids at the same time. But I love seeing you both looking at each other in wonder.

Achi Bear showing some love.

Shobe bear giving Achie the evil look.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Changes 1year 11 Months

Dearest Bear,

your daddy and i have noticed that you have these little quirks that last for around a month. The last one was entering our room and running to get the remote control and then playing Barney on the dvd player. I think that phase has just ended. Before that was when you'd be afraid of everything, from the clouds to the dark, to the funny man on elmo. I wonder what's going to be your next new thing?

We're starting to think you're a genius, either that or we're dumber than average because we're now starting to have a hard time tricking you. Today your yaya is hiding in the maid's room bec she's leaving tomorrow. You asked me "San si Ate?" I was thinking of an answer when you said "Ate merly" so that it would be clear to be which ate you were looking for. I said "nasa baba" you said "alis si ate". I find out from you that the maid and replacement told you that your ate left already. She's going back to her family and so Mae, gwama's maid is going to be your new yaya. you've known her all your life so being with her is okay with you but from time to time you look for your old yaya. Things weren't so hard today, Vic and Mae were experts at distracting you. Tonight i held you in my arms and rocked you, I loved every minute of it. I recently read an article saying that we don't realize "moments" are happening when theyre happening. Well, tonight i think i did. I love you my little monkey bear. Goodnight, sweet dreams and know that mommy is always here for you.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Momma Bear's Eats: Godiva Chocolate Bars and Candies

My dad loves chocolates almost as much as I do. He also loves going to Duty Free, after coming home from HK he tells me about these buy1take1 deals on Godiva chocolate bars in Duty Free, of course I tell him I want to get some too.

I love Dark Chocolate more than milk chocolate. I like that it's bitter and sweet at the same time.. I guess thats what they mean when they say its bittersweet.

Here's a picture of my loot. I ate 4 candies when I got them. Not by choice but because Maxine was the delivery girl of the loot and she wanted to open them and feed them to me. So I ate the 4 she opened up. 1 had caramel filling. That's all I remember because the rest is a Maxiebear blur.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Momma Bear's Eats: Godiva Truffles Desserts

My family went to HK for my brother's graduation. I saw online that there's a new limited edition truffle from Godiva. So I asked them to buy it for me. There are 6 new flavors and I have 2 of each.

The 6 kinds and their prices.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kayla Bear: 2 Mos

Here you are trying to eat your arms.

You are such an easy baby to take care of. You sleep alot, eat alot and smile alot. One other thing you do alot is put anything you can in your mouth. You try and chew on your bibs, my shoulders, your arms and anything that comes near your mouth. I love you my growing lil kaylabear :)

On our way to the hospital

My Baby siopao