Saturday, June 26, 2010

1 Year 6 Months

Everyday with you is a surprise. You still love watching TV but only for a few minutes and you like click clacking on mommy's computer. You like playing with the blinds and looking out the window. You like it when daddy chases you around your room. You love Ernie and Bert, but you love Ernie the most. You've started to learn letters of the alphabet and you've memorized most of your flashcards. Mommy finds it so funny when you try and clean the room with the walis and dustpan. You even wipe the floor when you spill water on it.

There are times when we talk and I really do think you understand what mommy is saying. You like to eat your cookies and your gerber treats. You love playing with Gwama and Gwakong. You look for them everyday and want to go to their house in the mornings. You eat breakfast with them, they feed you papaya, wheat bread, hotdogs, eggs and cereals. You eat what they eat.

Your new hobby is coloring. You've memorized all the colors of your crayons and your most favorite color is orange then brown. You can recognize the shape of a circle, square, triangle, diamond, star, heart and hexagon. You ask mommy to draw the face of a piggy and hippo. You also know the letters M, A, X, and I. Mommy is super proud of you. You are so easy to teach and so willing to learn. You like talking to Gwama on the telephone and looking at family pictures.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day

Today is father's day and you were in such a good mood. Your daddy loves you so very much. He makes you smile and you are happiest when we are all together playing. You even pull him into your room and close the door so that he wont go out. You miss him alot through out the day and love looking at his pictures. The other day I gave you his picture and you put in on your chest and hugged it.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Come Run With Me

Maxine, you are now running around all over the place. Laughing and giggling and screaming with delight when mommy and daddy follow you around. Ever so curious you want to touch everything you see. You know 100 words already and speak them non stop. Demanding as you are, I am glad you know what you want, I am pleased that you can speak your mind and that you express yourself so well. You become scared of things or characters for no reason. You don't like the 3 cowboys in your favorite Barney dvd and Elmo's friend Mr.Noodle. Today you saw a drawing and got so scared you ran to me and hid behind my leg.

I love it that you love to color, even if you obviously still don't know how to, its okay. I just love seeing you try. You try to type here on my computer, write in my notebooks and color the bed. You want to wear my headband and my shirts, my lil baby wants to be just like mommy :D By the way you love the color orange.

You are such a funny funny baby girl, you always try to make us laugh. You know the parts of your face and you love pointing to your soft cheeks. You know where your armpit and bumbum is. You like to eat your little snacks and you like to feed mommy too. You have such a strong personality and you don't hide it! When you go to sleep we stand by your crib and sing to you, if your not yet tired you stand up and throw your toys out of the crib and hit the crib with your hands. You actually get angry that we want you to go to sleep already.. sigh... you are so cute my baby girl :) I do hope you grow up to learn to control your temper hehe :D