Thursday, July 2, 2009

6mos Old: New Yaya, New Day

Before Maxiebear's 6month old bday, before when she was still called little bumblebee, her yaya woke up one day and decided to leave. Linda the Yaya, gave me 1 week to find a replacement. I was devastated, the agency I got her from told me that I was one of the few she even lasted that long with. That didn't make me feel any better, I just wanted her to stay. It took me a day to find a replacement but my replacement was a failure, I barely got any sleep that night because Maxine kept waking up. I made the mistake of getting a 150lbs 5 foot 8" replacement, I no longer remember her name but I call her Hagrid. She was nice but she scared the beegeezers out of Maxine. The next one was an almost blind lady who told me she was 50 when in fact she seemed 68. By this time Maxine had gotten used to sleeping beside me on the bed, she would roll around until she fell asleep and wake me up by touching my face. What started as one of the worst weeks in my life ended up being the best. It was a wonderful feeling waking up to the face you can't get enough of. It took me a week to find someone that Maxine could get along with easily. Her name was Ana.

This was also the month that Maxine held on to her bottle for the first time. Her Daddy and I were there to witness it together. We were so proud, it was like she won an olympic medal. :)

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