Friday, December 26, 2008

Dec 26, 2009

My dearest Maxine,
Even before you were born I wanted to write you a letter but I never finished it because I couldn't express what I truly felt. I doubt that I will be able to put into words the love I feel for you but I want to try.

Your daddy and I found out we were pregnant at 7am on a sunny Sunday morning in April. I was so excited to find out if I was pregnant that i woke up at 6:30am to check and when I found out I sat there looking at your daddy trying to stop myself from waking him. By the time you read this you will know that your mommy is not a patient person so waiting for 30mins was long enough. I woke him and we were so happy. It was like nothing could ruin our day. I told your Gwama and Gwakong of the great news and your Ninangs. We kept you a secret from the rest of the world for 2months because we wanted to be super sure.

I ate Jollibee spaghetti, pineapples and halo halo when I was pregnant with you. I couldn't get enough of them! Every month i grew so much it was unbelievable. In fact i gained 65lbs when i was pregnant with you. The norm is 30-35. This is why i was barely able to walk when I was 9mos pregnant. But nothing could stop my appetite by then.
I was 42wks pregnant when I went to the hospital for a check up and there the doctor decided that it was time I gave birth. I had induced labor for 8hrs, my water bag had to be popped with a stick and I lay in uncomfortable pain in Cardinal Santos Hospital all alone with just the TV to entertain me. After 8hrs I was only 4cm wide and I was given something for the pain. AT LAST! The doctor decided to operate on me and so we went into the delivery room and there I saw your daddy. He was video taping it all but ran out of memory right after you came out. I said "yaaay!" aloud when they pulled you out of me. I was so glad to have you out into the world! You were 8.9lbs, 39cm and pink.
Maxine Selena Lao Chua, it was literally love at first sight. Never have I felt something so powerful as what i felt that night. To say "i love you" will never be enough. I love you times one million and even more.


This is a photo of you on your 1st day home.

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