Saturday, October 15, 2011

World Of Fun

My parents take M1 to rockwell a few times each month.  They go early to avoid the crowds and they go straight up to the top floor and let her wild.  She rides on the piggy, car, giraffe and skater.  I have yet to find out what these things really are because I've only been there once or twice with her.  It costs P50 for one ride that lasts around 1-3 minutes (i'm only assuming).  She absolutely loves the place.  She loves rockwell and she never wants to leave.  You have to buy a card and have it topped up with load to be able to get the rides going.  If you put in 500php you get an extra 200php.

Rockwell, is not near the house and if it's traffic it can take more than an hour to get home so I opted for the SM mall nearest my house and went to World Of Fun where it costs 5php for 1 ride!  What a GREAT DEAL!  We stay for an hour and she rides on the same rides the whole time.  I only spend 100php for that full hour.  The only negative side is that when it gets to around 5pm there are too many people in the place.  It is literally packed with kids and adults alike.  So we have to leave because when all the rides and games are being played it becomes too noisy for my ears.  We went there twice this week.

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