Saturday, June 26, 2010

1 Year 6 Months

Everyday with you is a surprise. You still love watching TV but only for a few minutes and you like click clacking on mommy's computer. You like playing with the blinds and looking out the window. You like it when daddy chases you around your room. You love Ernie and Bert, but you love Ernie the most. You've started to learn letters of the alphabet and you've memorized most of your flashcards. Mommy finds it so funny when you try and clean the room with the walis and dustpan. You even wipe the floor when you spill water on it.

There are times when we talk and I really do think you understand what mommy is saying. You like to eat your cookies and your gerber treats. You love playing with Gwama and Gwakong. You look for them everyday and want to go to their house in the mornings. You eat breakfast with them, they feed you papaya, wheat bread, hotdogs, eggs and cereals. You eat what they eat.

Your new hobby is coloring. You've memorized all the colors of your crayons and your most favorite color is orange then brown. You can recognize the shape of a circle, square, triangle, diamond, star, heart and hexagon. You ask mommy to draw the face of a piggy and hippo. You also know the letters M, A, X, and I. Mommy is super proud of you. You are so easy to teach and so willing to learn. You like talking to Gwama on the telephone and looking at family pictures.

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