Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oh How Strong You Are

Today you tripped and fell, your forehead hit the base of you bed and you said 'untog' and stood up. Then you cried. You cried for a few seconds while your daddy carried you and u touched your forehead. You then demanded to be released and you stood up and started playing the game we were playing before you fell. My dearest dearest bear, i want you to be srrong, yes but strong enough to know when to ask for help. Strong enough to admit your hurt. When you get hurt i get so scared i almost cry when you cry. This is why i dont play thise kind of games with you. I know people say im over protective but i want to protect you while i still can. You are the apple of my eye. I know you arent perfect and how i wish you would stop hitting people when you get Angry and stop saying 'ayaw' at everything and everyone and be more malambing to those who love you the most. But despite those three things i still love you unconditionally.

I know you're going through a tough time ever since mommy went to the hospital and didnt cime home for 4 days and brought home your baby shobe. I know you dont understand why mommy cant carry you and that it pains you even if you try not to show it. I see your eyes turn red and your tears well up. But Next time these things wont matter anymore and i promise you i will carry you and hold you inmmy arms as soon as i can. My little darling bear oh how brave and strong you think you are... Its ok to be angry or sad, however or whatever you feel mommy will always be here and mommy will always love you.

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