Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Whole 9 Months

We were all set and ready to go to Europe in March. Until on Feb 1 we discovered I was pregnant, again. The euro dreams were to again be folded up and put in a box and placed in the cabinet. This is my 9 month journey into the making of our 8.1lb baby.

2 months at the Justin Timberlake concert.

4 Months at C in Clark Pampanga.

5 months. Father's day lunch at La Tienda.

5 months +3lbs. Father's day dinner at Gustavus.

6 months. Dinner at Elbert's with my hubby's cousins. Best steak in Manila. Side dishes were nothing great. Don't eat in a big group, they cant cook the steak properly. My friend told me that before I ate there and that's exactly what happened to us. 1 steak was over cooked and we complained, they changed it but the steak was significantly smaller and we didn't want to complain again.

6 months. Din Tai Fung HK. YUMM!!! best Xiao Long Baos! They even had a pork with black truffle one, but you can't really eat alot of it. I don't know if its because of the taste or the price.

8 months. Gustavus again for the discounted prices for the oysters from 6-8pm (not sure about the time). Butter drunk brain from all the 20+ oysters I devoured.

9 months. Heat Buffet at the Edsa Shangrila hotel. Every friday there's a seafood buffet and they serve lobsters. The real kind and not the ones we usually see in the other buffets. If you go there late the lobsters are bigger and you have less competition because everyone else is already full from the baby lobsters they ate.

Waiting to burst. Baby shower care of BFF at her house.

Take Note: This pregnancy I didn't really crave for anything and didn't want to eat steak. But I ended up eating alot of it. NO regrets. Gained 30lbs total this time around.

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