Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Help - A Movie

More often than not we complain abt the Nannies we have.  I know for sure I always complain, I miss the yayas we ourselves had growing up.  They took care of us not only because it was their job but they did it because they cared.  You won't find help like that nowadays but that doesn't mean we shouldn't hope anymore or be as nice and as kind as we can be.

I just finished watching The Help and I highly recommend the movie.  Though I don't know any people as cruel as the women in the movie nor have I had any yayas that loved my children as much as the help in the movie did, the movie shined a different light on what we take for granted everyday. 

My new year's resolution (which I will start now) is to be kinder to everyone that comes my way.  Even annoying cops, sales people and customer service people.

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