Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Haagen Daz, Goodbye

Goodbye Old Friend

Around a month ago Haagen Daz bars went on sale at 100pesos each.  I only told a few of my closest friends to keep the hoarding at a minimum.  I told my parents and my dad asks the Moa branch if they were on sale and they weren't but that they were closing in a few days. Then weeks later someone posted on my wall that Haagen Daz is going on sale everywhere and that it is leaving us.

I have relatively early childhood memories of Haagen Daz.  Walking around in Hong Kong pouting ( I was a sulky child) and only ice cream would make me happy again.  I remember being in High School sitting on my bed eating a pint of Choc Choc Mint while reading a book.  I forget what book it was but I do remember the taste of chocolatey mint goodness.  I also remember the 1st time I tried Cherry Vanilla in my BFF's house, there are no words to describe it.  The 1st time I tried macadamia nut, how subtle and eloquent the taste was.  How eating too much Coffee kept me up all night.  Then years later they came out with Cappuccino Truffle and I knew it would keep me up BUT I could not stop myself.  Yes, I stayed up and it was worth every spoonful.  I remember tasting strawberry cheesecake, cookie and cream, midnight cookies and cream... I remember each and every moment I tasted them for the 1st time.  Now, as I recall I just keep closing my eyes... These flavors I mentioned were my favorites, to me they were the best of the best.  I almost finished a quart of Melon Haagen Daz in one sitting.  I am happy I ate at the Haagen Daz buffet 3x in this lifetime.  They were calories worth eating, time well spent, memories to last a lifetime.

Haagen Daz, you will be missed.  You were not the 1st ice cream I ever ate, you will not be the last that I try BUT you truly have everything that can make me happy. See you when I fly abroad.

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