Sunday, April 18, 2010

13hrs of Sleep

Last night she fell asleep at 7pm and woke up at 7:40am. Amazing. she's never slept that long ever. I think this just proves that changing her yaya was the right thing to do. She's eating the same amount of food, drinking the same amount of milk, playing more, and sleeping longer hours at night.

Baby Bear,
Mommy is sorry that I had to put you through all this stress of getting to know a new person in your life and getting rid of the one who took care of you so suddenly. But i want you to know I only had our best interest at heart. The quality of care she was giving you was sub par anyone's charts. Your new yaya now, Merly has been trying her best to win you over and to take much better care of you than the one before her. I only wait for the night that when you drink your 3rd and last bottle of milk you won't cry in desperation anymore. I don't really understand why you cry so much and why when it's after 6pm, you are so afraid of her to take you away from me. Even if she isn't even going anywhere near you. But during the rest of the day you are peacefully happy to play with her and be with her. I wish you would you could understand that mommy isn't really going anywhere and mommy will not put you in harms way, ever. I love you my darling Bear, dry your tears and feel no more fear.

Momma Bear

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