Friday, April 16, 2010

New Yaya Again

I have alot of reasons why I decided to finally changed Maxine's yaya. I actually should've done it months and months ago but I was so afraid that she'd have a hard time that I chose to endure all the stress. Her yaya lasted for 9 months. The 1st month was okay, she did a good job. It all went downhill slowly from there.

She would say that she'd come home at 7pm from her dayoff but be 2hours late. If you spoke to her about it she'd even get angry at me and shout at me. The next incident was when we brought Maxine to my in laws house for a party and she just sat there under the stairs and texted on her phone. The whole afternoon we had to be the ones to take care of Maxine. When I asked her why, she told me because she was hungry already. We actually got home at 6pm and she was able to eat her dinner at that time. There were alot of minor things I would let pass. Like when we would go to the mall, she would leave Maxine with me and go hide in the bathroom and i'd find out that she was actually shopping. She'd ask if she could go to the grocery and buy stuff while i'd end up waiting for her. She has this thing where she needs to go to the bathroom at least 15x in 3hours. My water bill increased from 800php to 1,800php because of her constant flushing.

The past few months were the worst, she would leave maxine in the high chair and leave the maid to watch her while she texted or spoke on the phone. She would hide in the bathroom for an hour so she wouldn't have to watch Maxine. She would force feed maxine to the point where Maxine would just vomit everything. She constantly answered back and she never listened to anything I told her to do. I let it all slide because i thought she was good for Maxine, since the baby bear was growing fatter and taller every month and she seemed happy. I never left medicine in the nursery because I never trusted her fully, my instincts were right. Maxine had a fever for 1 night so i left the Tempra there. I didn't bring it back to my room yet just in case the fever came back. It never did, but she still had a cough, on the day the yaya went out i find out that Maxine hasnt been bathed in 3 days. The excuse was because she had a cough. Never in my life have i heard of a person not allowed to shower because of a cough. Her head was full of scabs because she was scratching it so much. It's summer and in this heat how can you not bathe someone? I bathed her and then the yaya comes home that night at 10pm. I dont say anything. The next day I asked her if she gave the cough medicine already. She replies to me that she gave her the tempra. I asked "does she have a fever?" yaya "yes, 37.2 yun temp nya". I said, didnt I write it down na above 37.5 dapat? and then she starts shouting and walking away at the same time that maxine kept coughing the whole night because i batehd her so she gave her the medicine for the fever to put her to sleep. To me that was the last straw. I couldn't sleep or eat or enjoy anything anymore, I was just obsessed about finding a replacement. She always put herself before the needs of my child. She ate even if bear was sleepy already. She let Bear cry and cry and cry with the excuse that all kids cry and that "iyakin naman tlaga anak mo!"

The day I let her go I felt so relieved I wanted to cry. But now it's time to adjust to the new yaya. And thats a whole other story.

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