Friday, April 16, 2010

A Detailed Account of Her 3 Days of Adjustment

Day 1 with new yaya:
Maxine is watching her old yaya pack her bags, the yaya took more than an hour and ignored Maxine the entire time. She leaves. Good riddance! New yaya comes and its the start of a brand new day for all of us. Maxine is afraid but curious of the new face thats always there behind me. She helps around, good thing the maid knows what to do with Maxine so I dont have to do everything. Maxine is clingy and emotional when i leave the room. We spend the day together playing around the house. We visit my Mom's house and we wade in her small pool there, I leave the maid and yaya with Maxine, she's okay because she's in her pool. I feed her the whole day, we're okay. Now the hard part, time to sleep. We're all in her room and her daddy and i leave she starts chasing after us and we close the door and they run off the lights. She wails and cries for exactly 3 mins. I pray. Silence. She quiets down but is still crying, then she falls alseep after 10 mins.

Day 2:
She can be left alone with the yaya but whenshe sees me she chases after me and hugs my legs. She's afraid that they'll take her away from me so she begs me to carry her to keep her safe from them. By them i mean the maid and yaya. She's more emotional but also more free. She gets to walk around and play around the house more. They were able to put her down for her nap easily this time. She wakes up 2 hours later and plays again. She goes to the other house and gets tired fast, she gets home exhausted and is so cranky she doesn't want to eat or drink her milk. We play and i wash her and they carry her up to her room and she wails and cries for me to save her. They feed her her milk there and she falls asleep drinking it.

Day 3:
She woke up 3x last night but only for 10mins each time or even less. She's getting used to the new yaya already and that's great. She wakes up at 7:30 and she eats and showers and plays. We play with her and she cries as her daddy goes off to work. She cries when i leave the room but there are no more tears, she just wants me to stay with her. But she panics when i'm there and they're there so I have to leave when they feed her or she won't eat. She's growing to love watching Barney on TV. I let her watch when she's drinking her milk so she's distracted. She shouts less the whole day, unlike before that she would shout the whole morning because she'd be stuck in her chair for more than an hour. Now she gets to walk around and play more. She gets to sleep more deeply because her naps have been lessen but her sleep is an hour longer. I'm glad she's adjusted so quickly, she's just more tired now and i hope she naps for 3hrs instead of 2 next time. All in all the changes in her schedule and her attitude have been for the better. She cries less and i'm sure that will lessen even more when she starts to trust her new yaya more.

Hopefully, this yaya is a keeper. If not, at least i've learned my lesson that it's not really that hard for a child to adjust and that I shouldn't have to settle for less because i think she will have a hard time about it.

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