Sunday, December 19, 2010

Your Best Friends

Daddy's sister is your favorite friend. You call her achie bec she doesn't want to be called auntie. You look for her every week and she visits you at least once a week. you play together and seeing her makes you very very happy. Her boyfriend is your Uncle Tof and he comes to visit you too. They are your favorite friends. They spoil you and give you gifts all the time. You love them and talk about them almost everyday.

Here you are with Uncle Tof feeding you soup.

With Achie in Jollibee Powerplant.

With Achie sitting on her lap playing with her cellphone.

With both of them after we finished putting together the playground.

They gave you a Little Tikes play ground for your birthday and christmas gift. This is by far the biggest gift you've ever gotten.

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