Friday, December 31, 2010

Cars, cars and more cars

Since we started bringing you out more you've been entranced wih cars. Your Ninong Ba bought you one for christmas and you saw it today. Its too heavy for you to start riding so you just played around with it a little.

Here we went to powerplant mall and met up with your favorite friend uncle tof and achie. You rode in the car thingy that moves around. You were ecstatic. 1 ride costs 50pesos and lasts for only a minute. You rode 4x and loved every second of it.

You also love going out. You ask me to bring you to the grocery almost everyday so today gwama said we can use the car and so we went to sm but instead of going to the grocery we wet to the amusement place there and i let you ride the car. It costs only 5pesos per minute. What a price difference fr powerplant mall!

and an even cheaper option is to go to the grocery and let you ride in the pushcart with a car in the front.

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