Friday, December 31, 2010

Momma Bear's Eats: STEAK

One of the things I love to eat the most is steak. I have always associated steak with special occasions that are celebrated at home. We used to have steak almost every Saturday dinner or Sunday lunch (or so I thought, my brother says otherwise). I have no idea where we purchased our steaks and how much they cost, all I know is that they were imported from the States. This holiday season was very much about steaks, more than lechon.

This is wagyu from Seryna, a restaurant in Tokyo Town in Makati. You cook it youself in a mini griller of sorts. It has no seasonings whatsoever but the meat is as tender as can be. Not for the faint hearted or the health conscious because as you can see it is surrounded by fat.

This is USDA Prime Bone in Ribeye from Mamou in Serendra. We ate there for my father in law's birthday and it was awesome! The steak was cooked just the way we wanted it to be, medium rare. We got the bigger size to share. We also chose creamed spinach and mashed potatoes as our sidings. The creamed spinach was sucky and I didn't even bother to try the potatoes. I got to eat the steak rice and it was tasty. The steak is cooked in oil, which somehow crosses the line from unhealthy to are you really going to eat that?!, but I did. Worth every penny.

On new year's eve its potluck at the compound so everyone brings something, this year one of my husband's aunts decided to bring steak. This is a picture of the meats raw. Almost 2in thick and about to be grilled. I ate 2 pcs, since they were cut in half, that just amounts to 1 steak. She got the meat from Alternative Foods, which is where we get our steaks, the ones we eat at home. The ones in the picture are USDA choice wc costs around 800/kilo. We get CAB (certified angus beef) for the house. Below is a picture of our homecooked steaks.

We decided to make the steak meal a bit more special by making creamed spinach and sprinkling the steak with truffle salt and truffle oil. The flavors work so well together.

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