Sunday, April 3, 2011

Eating Healthy

I was a very strict mom when it came to the food that M1 was allowed to eat.  She's never had ice cream and was supposed to try it for the 1st time on her 2nd birthday but all those plans failed when M2 got sick a few days before the ice cream party.  She is now 2yrs and 3mos old and she has tasted ice cream but she didn't like it.  She's also tried chocolates like Godiva, MnMs, and reese but she didn't like any of those either.  I've tried to trick her into eating gummi bears but it didn't work.

So, the toddler who eats boiled chicken, boiled beef and boiled everything healthy hates trying out new things.  I was so glad that she loved spaghetti and french fries.  She also loves donuts and mojos.  But thats about it.  I tried to give her popcorn, cotton candy and skittles.  Failed attempts.  I'm sure next time she will love all those things but for now I'm also glad she's super healthy.

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