Tuesday, April 5, 2011


They say you shouldn't cut baby's hair until they turn 1.  I didn't cut M1's until she was almost 2, for no other reason than her hair doesn't grow that much.  I gave her bangs because all little girls should have bangs.  I was so proud of my work that I even boasted about it when I got my own hair cut.  I have been cutting her bangs for the past few months, they grow so fast.  It is the opposite for her hair at the back.  It isn't growing at all! I don't know why!  I tried to let the bangs grow too but today I couldn't help it, I cut it again.  She wouldn't sit still nor would she look at me as I was cutting so the finished product is crooked and funny looking.

I could have done a better job but you refused to look at me while I was cutting your hair.  One side became too short so I had to cut the opther side again to make it even.  In short, this was all your fault. :P


P.S.  You still look very very very cute in my eyes.

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