Monday, April 11, 2011

Birthday Parties

I love attending children's parties, I think I love them more than my kids do.  I also love making them wear costumes.  So yesterday's party was definitely my cup of tea!  We have yet to stay and finish a party because of Maxine's issues with going out.  She loves to go out but only for a few hours.  Especially in unfamiliar locations.  Yesterday we went to a really really great birthday party and after less than 2 hrs she was crying because she wanted to go home already.  I don't know if she got scared because the lights were turned out or because she was getting tired from all the excitement.  I have yet to figure out her thing with wanting to go home and crying.  Even in school there comes a point in the class where she tries to stop her tears from falling because she wants to go home all of a sudden.  But all in all we had a blast at the party, I just hope Maxine can enjoy herself more by herself as she grows older.  

waiting for the car

Thank you to JT's parents for inviting us, we really had fun in the party!

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