Monday, April 18, 2011

Busy Busy Butterfly

Its been a busy few days thats why I haven't been updating my blog. We had another scare with her urine culture, with the results saying she had 50,000 bacteria in her pee BUT again the results were false, the doctor said.  I think Cardinal Santos Medical Hospital should give out 50% discounts when they come out with inaccurate results.  A Urine culture costs 1,500php and yet I have yet to get a correct one.

We also went to an easter egg hunt prepared by my good good friend May and cousin.  It was a super EGGciting event for me since it was the MnM's 1st time to do something like this.  We didn't get a lot of eggs because M2 was just sleeping (even if she was awake she would have been useless at egg finding) and M1 only wanted to get orange and violet eggs, nothing else.

We have been going out more often and I've noticed a change both kids.  They've become more adaptable and friendly.  The once scared of strangers M1 and M2 are now interacting with people they've never seen before.  All they really need is food in their bellies and they are good to go.

On our way to our easter egg hunt

At Mongkok's opening in Rockwell Business Club

At the doctor's ofc
my new creations

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