Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bear and Jobee

Eating spaghetti at Gael's 5th birthday

Posing with Jobee in SM.

You love to eat. That has always been something constant about you, you used to want to try and taste everything you saw so i had to hide from you food that i didn't want you eating. Like candies, chips and chocolates. Now since your favorite word is 'ayaw ko' you rarely want to eat anything thats new. We have to show you we're eating it and if you miraculously decide to try it out then you'll take a little. You tried spaghetti months ago and fell madly in love with it. We went to a kiddie party at Jollibee amd you loved it. You also fell in love with Jollibee. I was afraid the mascot would scare you but you even touched him and laughed. A month ago we were at a playdate and you saw a kid holding a jolibee stuff toy and you followed him around trying to grab his toy. I guess all kids love jollibee. Everytime we go out you just want to eat spaghetti, as of the moment thats most definitely your favorite food.

The other things you like to eat are.. Pate, garlic rice and misua. As for fruits you love papayas and bananas.

here you are at the grocery eating a banana :)

This is the latest thing you tried, the other day you saw me eating a red velvet cupcake from Allen's and you fed it to me and to your daddy. When there was only a small piece left you tried it out and liked it.

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