Monday, July 18, 2011

My Life. My Kids.

When I peek inside Maxine's classroom and I see her shrinking inside her shell, I wonder where is the little girl who talks non stop and sings and dances by herself at home.  I wonder where the little child who literally whistles while she works goes off.  She is so shy and timid in school.  She doesn't participate so much, she just watches the other kids.  The demanding go-getter vanishes once she's in school.  Is this a good thing or a bad thing?  I want her to take the lead and be herself.  But I am secretly thankful too that she shows restraint in class.  She has learned to wait for her turn, share things and listen attentively.

Today Teacher M isn't there so there were 2 new faces in class and she was still fine.  I took this as a good sign for when I find a new yaya for her.  The search continues.  Goodluck to me.

I think she understands that the end is coming and she has started acting out by harassing her sister again.  Shobe Kk is so in love with her achie but alas! The feeling is not YET mutual.  M1 has again grown out of love for her sister.  She is taking out her anger on her and she has been crying more.  Her sister on the other hand is the happy little mallow smiling and shoving everything into her mouth.  She is pleasant and more active, she wakes up alone in her room and she just patiently waits for someone to come in.  She plays with her toys and knows how to fall asleep on her own.  She is so the opposite of her sister.  She is more independent at 9months than M1 who is already two and a half.  How different they are from each other.  M1 is growing up to be more like her daddy everyday while M2 is just like me.  She rarely cries because she's sad, her cries are angry and annoyed ones.  She's always pleasantly happy but not super hyper happy like her Achie.  They are like night and day, hot and cold, sweet and salty.  They are my whole world.

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