Friday, July 22, 2011

So Far So Good

Its been 3 days since the new yaya came to the house and things have been going well.  My 100 prayers have been answered, the yaya I chose, M1 immediately liked.  She can spend a few minutes in her room with the new yaya without the old one.  Which is a really good sign.  They read books alot and play with her toys.  I just let them get to know each other.

On other news, Toys R Us USA is having another 2 day sale on Leapfrog toys and Vtech toys for babies.  The bad news is (as my friend S discovered too late) that they don't accept credit cards that aren't from the US.

Gap is having a 1 day only 40% off sale!  I get M1's jeans from them and some sandals and shoes.  I always get one size bigger since she's really tall for her age the american size is just right for her.

Lastly, Kk's been so funny, making new faces everyday and becoming friendlier too!  Don't you just love her new facial expression?? :)

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  1. I buy Izzy's jeans from Baby Gap too because I like their dark denim washes. I like dark jeans because stains aren't so noticeable on them and they just look "normal" when they start fading. I also buy from Target's generic Circo brand because the little girls jeans are only $7 and super tibay, too.

    When we went to the States in March, it was still really cold there. My mom told me to buy denim for Izzy in the Philippines so she can change into them when we reached San Francisco. I went EVERYWHERE looking for local baby jeans but to no avail. I ended up shelling out P1,600 for Baby Gap jeans from Shangri-la. Grabe! Samantalang, it was only $16 on