Monday, July 18, 2011

Moms Who Wait

Its been a month since M1 started school and so far its all been okay.  She's changed a bit, improved in some ways and has grown friendlier.  Some changes I can't really put my finger on but I really want her to gain more independence and I think somehow that's already happening.  She's learned to trust people more and I have more confidence that she can adjust faster with the changes that are coming her way.  I'm still scared but I think she'll do okay.

Her classes are now 2 hours long and I've found ways to keep myself busy while i'm waiting for her there.  I've met the moms of her classmates and the moms of the other toddler class.  We stay outside and wait for our kids.  I've been keeping myself busy by reading a magazine, uploading more games on my phone and making hairclips. Honestly, I want to watch her while she's in class.  I want to see how she's doing and when I peek inside their classroom my ehart never fails to swell up in pride as I watch her explore the world on her own.  

playing on the slide
with her classmates after playtime, sitting on the steps.

inside the classroom by the wall
They grow up so fast.  They grow up too fast and too soon.  Before we know it they'll be in high school and prefer their friends than us.  I cherish each and every time she cries for me and looks for me because I know it wont last forever.  My baby bear I wish you could stay like this forever but I also look forward to teaching you how to read, reading to you Harry Potter and exploring the world together. 

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