Monday, July 18, 2011


The past few days I have been so focused at solving the problem at hand and felt so down about it that today something even worse came along.  When it rains, it pours.  Kk had a slight increase in temperature the other day so we immediately went to the doctor.  She had a check up and was diagnosed as fine but the doc said to be sure lets get a Urinalysis.  So we did.  She gets the results today and lets me know to get a Urine Culture.  I worry.  I keep calling up Cardinal Santos asking them to email me the results and I get the results at 10:30pm.  When there's nothing I can do about it anymore but wait til morning to buy new meds for M2.

M2's sickness requires her to drink a small dose of antibiotics everyday to keep the UTI away but once its there the medicine is not enough to cure her.  So we have to make sure that the medicine is still working that is why we get a urinalysis and or culture every month.  It hasn't been a month yet but the signs to worry are her becoming cranky and an increase in temperature.  When I got home from school on Friday I carried her and felt that she was hotter than normal.  We rushed to the hospital and the next day we submitted the urine sample.  We thought she was getting a cough but she didn't.  She has 94.40 bacteria cells when the normal should be from 0-110.  Her meds aren't working anymore so tomorrow we have to give her the newly prescribed ones.  I hope it works fast.  I hope the bacteria doesn't increase anymore.

When I talk about my kids to friends they say that M1 is my obvious favorite but they don't know how much prayers I have made and sleepless nights I have gone through because of my M2.  I don't talk about her much because she doesn't do much yet and when I talk about her i cannot help but worry about her.  I just want her to be the little baby sitting on my bed relaxing, not needing any attention and not caring about the world.  Favorites shmavorites.  M1 and M2 are both my favorites.  To measure who I love more is clearly impossible because to measure how much I love them then you would need (to quote the bunny in Guess How Much I Love you) to go to the moon and back.

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  1. Of course you love them both equally, they are mirror images of your favorite person in the world! :)

    Izzy and I will continue to say our nightly prayers for KK. Miracles happen daily. It's just that God works so mysteriously.