Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Start Of School

School began 2 weeks ago and I have met a few moms during the time that I've spent waiting for M1 to come out of the classroom.  Most of them are older than me and have older kids.  Its been an awesome feeling to see my darling bear grow up so much in the past few days.  What I expected to be a terrible, tearful and painful ordeal has been one of excitement and fun.  I know I chose the right school for her.  With 3 adults and 8 students I know for sure that my child is being watched constantly.

Before school starts I get 3 books for M1 to read.  Spot Goes to School.  The Kissing Hand.  I Love You Everyday.  I repeat to her that the kids in the books go to school by themselves.
Day One (Friday):
Classes begin.  We walk inside the school and leave her yaya outside at the waiting area.  She cries.  I remind of that her yaya will just be waiting by the fish when she finishes class.  Class is only for 30minutes.  We play and get to know one another.
Week One:
Classes officially start.  I stay with her inside the room.  Only half the class is there and it lasts only half the time.  An hour.  They play with the toys and try to start the routine.  She haves fun.  She gets to know her teachers and gets to spend more time with Teacher E so she comes home with a conclusion that Teacher E is her favorite. The kids are so cute.  The teachers are more than capable and Teacher M tells me that next week we will try to attend class with me outside.  I prepare myself and my child.  We are ready (at least I hope we are)

Week Two:
I remind bear that I will be waiting outside for her, that I wont be going inside the room anymore.  She cries as the teacher takes her hand and walks with her inside the classroom.  She cries and she cries and she cries. I peak inside and see that the Yaya is the one carrying her and I tell the teacher she prefers the other teacher. She stops crying after a short while.  She cried for 5-10minutes.
The next day she wakes up and she starts crying, she says she doesn't want to go to school and that she wants mommy with her inside.  We get to school and when she goes inside the classroom she tears up and that was it.  The 3rd day she cries for a bit in the house and doesn't cry at all in school. The 4th day, we are almost fine.  The 5th day, we are all set for school.

It took her 2 weeks to adjust and trust new people.  Faster than I expected.  The preparation before starting school was the key.  Summer classes helped because she was already familiar with the place and the week that the teachers played with her helped her get to know them.  One week. I'm glad, proud and I look forward to hugging her everyday after her class.

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