Saturday, July 16, 2011

Grizzly Bear

It's been months since I last blogged and a lot has happened.  Yesterday Maxine's yaya Mae, said she wanted to leave and despite all the bribes and what nots I offered to her she still said she has decided on leaving.  Who knows why and what her real reasons are but for the past few weeks we have all noticed a big change in her demeanor towards my Bear.  She has been more cruel and impatient with her.  She is burnt out.  I know Maxine is a handful, even I sometimes need time away from her.  I have been feeling so many things yesterday because of her announcement that I felt the need to blog.

A leaving yaya is one of the worst things because I know it will be hard for my Bear, I know she will spend a few nights crying looking for the person who always put her to sleep for the past 8 months.  She will spend a month or even more asking everyone where her Ate Mae is.  But tonight as I was showering I realized that she is tough.  She is as tough as she looks.  I don't call her bear because she's gentle.  She is my grizzly bear, stomping her way into the woods of life.  Finding things out on her own and adeptly adjusting to new situations.  I have been the zoo keeper so fearful of having to find her hurt or sad.  But sadness is a part of life and I know I cannot keep her from pain forever.  She WILL get through this.  She will get hurt but I will try my best to help her understand that it is a part of life, people always leave.

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