Wednesday, August 3, 2011

2 Weeks Later

Tomorrow Maxine's new yaya will have been with us for 2 weeks.  The old yaya has been hiding in the room for more than 24hrs already.  Today was the 1st time since school started that I felt it happy that classes were suspended because at least she doesn't have to see the old yaya anymore.  They old yaya goes with me to bring Maxine to school and I don't want to put her to any more unneeded stress so I planned for old yaya to leave on Thurs because we don't have classes on Friday.  So, that's 3 days of no school.  But because classes were suspended I decided to let her leave tom.

Today she decided she doesn't want to be tapped to sleep anymore.  She's been forced to grow up and it feels bittersweet.  Another step away from being a baby.  From being rocked to sleep to lying down in bed and being tapped and now to nothing.  She lies there and closes her eyes and just talks til she falls asleep on her own.  At least she didn't cry anymore, she wanted to but she stopped herself.  I know that in a year or so all this will mean nothing to her and that when she's all grown up she won't even remember who her yaya was, but today she feels pain and cannot understand why. 

It's okay.  This too shall pass, sooner than you think.  Mommy will always be here and no matter how hard I try or want to I cannot keep you from feeling pain.  Life goes on, memories fade and all things will seem better in the morning.  Take your time in growing up and yes you will always be mommy's baby. 

P.S.  try not to sing too loudly when mommy is still sleeping.

P.P.S.  Oh and pls learn to share your toys with Shobe and stop taking her food from her.

I love you.  Goodnight.

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    P.S. Natawa ako sa P.P.S. mo! Hahaha!!