Friday, August 19, 2011

Best Friends

The fab 4 eating Jobee from Uncle T

With Achie talking

Wearing a kimono from Achie when she went to Japan
My sister in law K visits every week.  I don't remember how it all began but she came here with her bf once last year and after that they came every week since then.  I have wondered why she decided to visit but we can't really remember why but I'm glad she did.  Once a week, Poppabear has a meeting in the afternoon and comes home late, that is the day K visits.  She has been a great reliever for me.  When I gave birth to M2 and when M2 was admitted in the hospital she came to visit everyday to keep M1 company.  M1 has a picture of her "achie" on her wall by her bed.  She loves them so much it's like they were meant to be.  She is spoiled rotten by them, she gets everything she asks for from them.  But as I told my sister in law, no need for gifts, their presence every week is more than anything M1 could ask for. 

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