Monday, August 8, 2011

Diet. Fever. Vomit and More...

M1 still has fever and is still vomiting at least once a day.  She cries when its time to eat or drink milk.  She's only happy when she's on the bed with us.  Today is the 1st day we've ever been absent this school year.  But we are in no hurry to go back.  I'd like for her cough to go away by tomorrow.  We are now on antibiotics and hopefully 1 day of them will do some help.  She hasn't been sleeping well because of the coughing. 

M2's yaya is going on her dayoff on Wed.  Good luck to all of us.

On another note, I've come to realize how fat I've become and dieting really isn't my thing.  So when a friend messaged me about these T4 tomato pills that Chuvaness blogged about I immediately asked my friend who was going to HK to get for me.  I started taking them today and I think that my appetite has lessened a bit.  I only ate a cup of rice for both my lunch and dinner.  I also weighed myself today and I won't disclose howmuch I weigh BUT I do know how much I want to lose and that is 22lbs.  Wish me luck!!!


  1. Parang di ata ako naniniwala na you're fat. Hmmm..... I'm going to HK end of the month, if you want to make pabili, let me know!!

    Ako nga, I eat like a COW! grabe.. Lamon to death! I want to lose as much as you want din BUT parang walang nangyayari sa akin. Consolation ko is.... at least i'm not gaining any.. Huhu...

  2. Slao, you were thin already at Boogie's swimming party. I saw you in a swimsuit! But I want tomato pills! Where in Hong Kong can I find them?

  3. Didi, if i gain anymore ewan ko na tlaga. Kaya iwas munako sa buffets and etc para naman di masayang yun tomato pills ko hahaha.. pwde ka pa lumamon kasi nagbbfeed ka pa dba?? di ka mag gagain with bfeeding!!!

    achi pam, u are too kind... and i was inhaling all the time when i was swimming haha. you can buy them in Mannings! 150hkd lng! :) 30 pills na! im just not sure if you take 1 a night or 2 bec the instructions are in chinese/japanese. i didnt really try reading it. basta you take it before bedtime :D