Thursday, August 25, 2011

Grateful & Happy

I wonder where along the road of my life did I become a workaholic... if 15yrs ago someone told me I'd be a stay at home mom and working like crazy I wouldn't have believed them.  Yet here I sit on my computer chair with calloused hands and severely damaged fingers from all the work I have been doing.  But I'm happy.  The BFF sent a link which made me realize this.  Let em share it with you too.  LINK  To be honest, I didn't bother understanding #1, I've consciously done #2 in who I spend my time with and what I do.  So speaking of doing what makes you happy leads me to talk about becoming a workaholic again.  I LOVE WHAT I DO.  I love making clips and bows.  

Everything has been going my way the past few weeks. I have been working almost non stop to meet deadlines and deliver orders.  A lot of this has been due to friends or people who have pushed me to just take one more step.  Even something as simple as making a new design.  Ordering more ribbons or just plain old getting off my couch potato ass and make something.  I have to thank my manager, ASB.  She has been the support system and driving power behind the rusty oiled machine that is me.  She pushes me like no one else does, she almost literally unlocks the door, swings it open and shoves me into the room to do more.  She is the 'I' in my initiative.  Kat who practically forced me to make a new bow because she's already bought most of what I have.  And for future project ideas and where to get them, ILS.  There's always a reason why we meet new people so even if there are only a few moms who sit and wait in school with me, I'm glad they're there sitting and waiting with me.

Panda Bow

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