Thursday, August 18, 2011

Preschool at 2yo

Alot of parents or non parents who hear the prices of tuition fees for preschools, complain and whine that it's a waste of money.  I've talked to a few who really choose to put their kids in preschool at an early age (1.6 to 2yo) because they really see the value for it.  One mom said that it's better the child is here than wasting time watching tv with the yaya. I chose to enroll M1 for the same reason, she was getting bored at home and I didn't want to waste her formative years learning to dance "nobody nobody but you"  from the household help. 

When you look at what they do in her class, things are simple enough and yet you cannot just copy that same scenario at home.  For 1, M1 is now more open to strangers, she has learned to trust other people because she trusts her teachers so much.  She has learned a wee bit of independence and that life will not end without mommy in the room.  She has learned to share, coexist with other kids and pay attention when someone is talking.  Oh and that she isn't the center of the universe.

They say it is at this age that the child's brain is most open to learning.  My dad shared this article with me today about the benefits of entering your child in preschool.  Read on!  Article

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