Thursday, August 18, 2011

Toy Review: Leapfrog Violet

It's been awhile since I wrote a toy review and the 1st toy that came to mind was violet because M2 loves her puppy oh so much!  Want a toy that says your child's name?  This is it!  You choose the songs, you type in the baby's name and you enter what she likes.  I haven't updated the information in Violet but so far the toy is still a hit.  We got this for her when she was 2mos old.  She started playing with it when she discovered it played music if she kicked the paws.  I highly recommend it to everyone with newborn children. 

What she learned:  A bit of cause and effect.
Durability:  She is still working even with a lot of baby loving.  You just need to be ready with batteries.  3x 8mos.
Fun/Entertainment Value:  It helps keep her distracted when changing her diapers of giving her milk.  Those are the only times when she isn't moving around these days.
Age:  0mos to 1yr

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  1. LOL my mom and dad are addicted to the "let's sing a song about you, isabelle" song. whenever they call, they sing it and spell out her name! i told my mom that it's annoying and she was like,"well why did you give izzy such a long name!! might as well teach her how to spell it."