Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Still Sick

I don't know of anyone who likes getting sick.  I hate getting sick.  I hate it when my kids get sick.  I hate seeing them cough, vomit and unable to sleep.  This virus is everywhere.  Looking at Facebook updates from fellow moms I know I am not alone in my misery.  The thing about kids getting sick is they spread the germs so fast.  M1 got sick last last week and 6 days ago her shobe got sick.  Now I am sick.  I have a fever and a gosh darned (thats not what I really wanted to say) cough that won't go away!  I have been stuck at home since Saturday, wishing that rest would help me fight against this virus... EPIC FAIL!  After ingesting so much meds and what nots I am still sick.  I HATE IT! 

Thankfully a miracle has happened and the tornado that is M1 has been calm the past few days.  She has learned to play by herself or with me just on the bed.  We read books, watch Barney (the same damned episode for 4days straight), and keep ourselves busy with the IPhone.  Yes, i've given up on the mission of not letting the kids play with the phone.  I downloaded games recommended by a friend.  Word's World is a great hit.

In the mornings we go to school and she loves it.  All is well when we are together in the afternoons, she lets me lie down in bed but forces me to open my eyes when she catches me dozing off.  What a demanding child.  M2 is so cute and cuddly and has started to say "Kk" too.  Still trying to record it.  M1 sings all day and is back to being the happy child that she is.  This Friday was the 1st day I was supposed to leave her the whole afternoon since her old yaya left... but since i'm sick I don't think I can. 

M1's newest thing is hiding stuff,  she took a lozenge and hid it the other day.  I found it today only because ants were devouring it already.  I find crackers in the towel cabinet, toys behind the dvd player and spoons in her bed. 

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