Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Breast Milk Storage

There are all kinds of containers for our expressed breast milk.  I used to put the milk in these plastic containers I got from SM.  Sort of like lock and lock but cheaper.  I got them because I wanted something reusable, now I put Maxine's food in them.  But this time around I got milk bags as a present so I started using them and realized how much space you save with them!  I've used 3 brands already and I think each has its own pros and cons.

Pack of 25 for Php250
Can be filled up to 9oz
Stands up on its own but can be tricky
Thick with double ziplocks
Tore one when opening in a hurry.

Pack of 50 for $10
Can be filled upto 9oz
Rarely stands up when full
Thick with double ziplocks
Tore a lot when not extra careful.

Pack of 50 for $20
Can be filled up to 6oz
Stands up properly even when full.
Thick with double ziplocks
None torn ever.

Out of the 3 brands i've used Medela is the best, it is also the most expensive so I didn't buy them again.  The 2nd best for me is Nanny, out of the 50bags i've used i only tore 1.  While with Lansinoh I tore 5 out of the 45.  I recently discovered a trick when freezing the milk.  You lay the bag down flat and let it freeze, that way the milk wont take up as much freezer space and you can stack them one on top of the other.  After my milk is frozen I put the bags in a ziplock freezer bag and label the bag with a pen ex. "End of Dec".  So when i'm going to need to use my milk I wont have to go searching one by one wc is the oldest, I just have to grab them by bag.

If you don't want to use plastic bags you can get the containers I got from SM, they cost around 25php each but more worth your money because you can put them to use next time.  Just wash and sterilize.  The only problem with them is if it's too full and you shake it the milk spills a little.


  1. Panget's friend gifted me with Medela's Pump & Save!! Good brand pala siya! I've been hearing kasi Lansinoh na brand lang.

    Thanks for this.

    Super enjoy reading your blog.. Sobrang informative for meeeeeeeeee!!!

  2. didi, yes BEST ang medela! for me super kapal ng plastic nya and tumatayo sya on its own. small quantities nga lng pero ok din lng para kung nag defrost ka pakonte konte lng din :D

    thanks thanks!!! :D