Thursday, January 27, 2011

Newborn Necessities

There are a lot of checklists out there and the number of longsleeved onesies or sleeveless onesies differ from household to household.  The same goes with bibs, Maxine didn't need alot of bibs, she only used them when she was being fed but now Kayla goes thru 5 a day.  She drools A LOT!  There's no exact formula to it but here's MY checklist of the things I used for newborns.

3 Long sleeved kimono with pajama
3 Short sleeved kimono with pajama
3 Sleeveless kimono with pajama
6 Long sleeved onesies
12 Short sleeved onesies
6 Sleeveless onesies
6 pairs of Mittens
6 pairs of Socks
3 Hats
Laundry detergent for infants.  I use Perla because they say its the mildest.  You can also go for cuddles since its really made for babies.
*Coming home outfit

3 big blankets
4 receiving blankets
3 Sleeping sacks

Lots of bibs
Lampin (I got 2 packs of gauze material 1 in each size and 2 packs of the other material 1 in each size.  Now the 2 kids share in using all the 4 packs)
Milk Storage containers
Nursing Bras.  Buy 1 in a size larger than your pregnancy size.
Breast Pads.  I use disposable ones from Pigeon.
4 4oz bottles with nipples
4 8-9oz bottles with nipples
Sterilizer.  Buy the same brand as your bottles.
Bottle and nipple brush
Bottle and nipple liquid cleanser. I use Joy liquid soap.
Breastpump. Read this for more info on breast pumps.

Bath and Body Care:
Towels.  I got the ones with the built in hood to cover the baby's head.
Wash cloths.  I got a set from Mothercare.
Soap and Shampoo.  I used the one we got from the hospital, Lactacyd.  Then I went on to use Aveeno (available in SNR)
Thermometer. I use the electronic one where you stick it in the ears everytime before she takes a bath.
Nail clipper. I got mine as a gift, it was in a set that includes a nail file, comb, bruch, nasal aspirator, toothbrush, teether and etc.  All necessities for babies.  Available in most baby stores.
Bath tub.  They usually bathe in the plain tub, buy a bathing seat from Summer, its super useful because you dont have to worry about the baby slipping form your hands.
Diapers.  Buy a small quantity because you don't know the size of your baby yet.
Cotton balls.  Buy the cotton tube and make them into balls, its much cheaper.
Changing pad.
Cotton buds.

4 Fitted crib Sheets
Clothes hamper
Night light
Trashcan.  I leave mine just outside the door so the dirty diapers don't stink up the whole room.
*Sleep positioner
*Pacifiers (if you think you'll be needing it)

On The Go:
Stroller.  If you're going to put the baby in it make sure its age appropriate.  If it doesn't fully recline don't put a new born baby in it.
Diaper Bag.  Get a neutral color, something both you and your husband can carry.
Baby Sling.  If you think there's a chance you're going to wear your baby, get a sling.  Its really handy.
Car Seat.

Activity mat.  Its entertainment for the babies.
Rocker.  Use only when a month old already.  Useful because your baby can sit in it and watch you while you do other things.
Soft toys.  There's no real need for toys when your baby is born they don't usually play with anything until they are a few months old.  But I don't know anyone who can resist buying a toy or two or ten. hehe.
Books.  I slowly filled up Maxine's shelves with books.  I wanted to instill in her my love for reading.  Read to your babies as early as possible, show them pictures and let them hear the sound of your voice.  As new parents we rarely know what to say to a baby, this is your solution. 
Music.  My dad read that if you play classical music to a baby it will increase their IQ, yes it doesn't just apply when they are in the womb.  So, play your Motzarts and Beethovens during the day.

*extras, not really a necessity but nice to have :)