Sunday, January 23, 2011

Toy Review Playskool Ball Popper

My hubby said I bought this toy for myself. He said I only used Maxine as an excuse to get this toy.   I really don't know why he thinks watching a ball pop into the air would amuse me and that I would buy a toy for myself.  But he was 50% correct, thank goodness he doesn't read my blog so he won't know that sometimes he's right hehe.  I got it for Maxine when she was 6 months old, she can sit on her own by then and I thought she would be amused by this.  It plays music as the air blows the balls into the air.  Such a simple toy.  At first hubby kept teasing me about it because Maxine didn't really pay any attention to it.  Weeks later she started to stare at it in wonder, then she started to try and catch the balls and as they fell to the floor she crawled to chase them.  She then figured out that pressing on the button would start it up again.  She's now 2years old and almost one month, today she turned on the switch and played with it.

What she learned:  Cause and effect.
Durability:  ***** Still works until today.
Fun/Entertainment Value:  15-20mins playtime when she was 9mos old.  She likes catching the balls and putting them back in.  She loved chasing them and identifying their colors.
Age: 6months to 2yr old.

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