Friday, January 7, 2011

I Blame It On The Epidural

I blame it on the epidural...

One of my best friends is getting married next wk.  I am a sponsor in her wedding and Maxine is a flowergirl.  I got measured only today.. I know! I forgot all about it. If I were my friend id be pissed, thank goodness she is much nicer than me.  I blame it on the epidural.

We planned a shower for her, we're in charge of 1 game each.  I am in charge of drinks and ice. Food and giveaways and the hotel suite.  I forgot to make a list of my questions for my game. I blame it on the epidural.  I forgot to pay for the giveaways. I blame it on the epidural.  I forgot to buy the softdrinks and ice. I still blame it on the epidural.  I actually asked the celebrant to pass by for the platter of cold cuts i ordered bec i forgot abt that too. Note that this is a surprise shower and I had to make up a story why theres a platter.

On the way to the hotel I kept remembering the things I forgot and as I was apologizing for not leaving the payment for the giveaways I noticed that im still wearing my house slippers! Dammit!! I blame it all on the epidural!


  1. i just read this tonight. haha.

    *pat pat* don't be too hard on yourself. i think we were all stressed at different degrees about planning and executing what we planned for the shower.

    it worked out in the end and our friend was none the wiser about what should have been and everyone had a good time which is what matters :)

  2. nat, hahaha i know i know. i think im always so OUT THERE! thats why i never remember anything anymore! :D thank goodness we had you, ever the planner :P