Thursday, January 20, 2011

Toy Review: Leap Frog Learn & Groove Musical Table

The box says its for 6months to 3yrs.  We got this from Aku, for Maxiebear when she was 1.  She used it for around 15mins when she first got it.  She kept turning the page back and forth.  She isn't musically inclined even if she listened to classical music when she was a baby so she simply ignored the piano keys.  This toy was then put into the cabinet after a month or so.  Recently, now that she's 2years old, she's started playing with it again.  She still flips the page over and plays the "piano".  This toy also has 2 language options, English and Spanish.  So if you want your child to be bilingual this can help.

Price: $37.64 at Amazon
What she learned:  Shapes and colors were in her face everytime she stood by this toy.  It helped her stand up longer and she walked around it as she was getting used to walking.
Durability: Still working well, despite all the banging and pounding.
Fun: **** (4 stars) spends around 5-10 mins around the table.
Age: 6mos to 2.5yo (you can use it once the baby starts pounding on things because the legs are removable.  When the baby starts to stand up, you can put the legs in and he can use this for support as his legs get stronger.

Other Option:

We also got to play with the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Fun with Friends Table at a playdate, I prefer it over the Leap Frog version for 2 reasons.  1.  Fisher price also give you 2 language options, English and Chinese.  Since I am Chinese and not Spanish, this would have been more useful to me.  and 2.  Kids prefer to play with things that open and close, this toy has more choices like that.  Cons, I have seen a kid slam the computer shut on another kid's hand and it is more expensive.  Priced at $44.50 at Amazon.

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