Saturday, January 22, 2011

Momma Bear's Eats: Happy Lemon

I've heard about it, I've seen the pictures on facebook but it took me almost 2 months after the place opened before I got to taste it.  Happy Lemon made me a happy happy melon (melon bec it's the 1st rhyme that came to mind)!  I bought the Green Tea with rocksalt and cheese at 100% sweetness level.. What a surprise!  It's the culmination of 3 things I love all mixed into 1 drink.  I don't think its for everyone but for people who are used to drinking tea and want to try a new twist to it, this is just the thing for you.

For the less adventurous friends, they got the Milk Tea with Black Pearl.  I am the super fan of milk teas and if you think you've tried it all and found the best... think again. Give THIS a chance.  The pearls are small, some prefer the big ones but these are really chewy.

I also got to try the Lemon Honey with Seaweed Jelly.  Refreshing but I would order so many other things before ordering this.  If i lived in the Happy Lemon House where I can drink Happy Lemon everyday I'm sure i'd order this but not when I only get to go there once in a while.

I ordered a few extra glasses to take home with me.  Today I drink my Cocoa Milk Tea with Brown Sugar Jelly.  Its a bit too sweet, next time I will get it at 50% sugar level but the brown sugar jellys are a winner.  Chewy to the max even if left in the ref for 8hrs already.

Lemon Peppermint with Nata
Roasted Cocoa Milk Tea
So, I announce today that of all the Milk Teas I've tried in my 30yrs of living, this is the best so far.  I just drank 1 at a bazaar last weekend, tasteless.  Serenitea Hokkaido at home last week, it was great but now I think i've found something even better.  Or maybe I have to try them all together for accuracy.  Any excuse to drink another cup! :)

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