Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Maxie Bear 2years old and 1 month

There are days when I just want to scream in frustration but I swallow it with my juice.  There are nights when I just want to run and hide but I just stand still and breathe in.  This is my life.  The life of a mother with an over active toddler and a cranky baby.  I have psychotic noisy neighbors to add to the annoyance.  Most days are great, we play with her toys and read books.  Run around the house doing all sorts of things.  But there are trying days.  There have been trying days even before Kayla was born but it got worse ever since she came home.  Today Maxine slapped my hand with hers.  It didn't hurt because she purposely did it gently but she still did it.  I put her in the corner and stood there with her for 2 minutes for time out.  She fake cried and then went on doing what she was doing before she hit me.

How ironic that I refuse to hit her but she hits me.  She tries to kick the dog and sneaks a slap here and there to her lil sister.  Tonight she slaps herself then says sorry to herself afterwards.  What to do in this situation?  Maybe the world wide web will know but as of the moment I am grateful, still grateful to Maxiebear for doing all this and saving me more than $100 because now I don't feel like buying those outfits from Gap for her anymore.

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