Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dieting Tips

Every new year comes new resolutions and 1 of the most popular resolutions there is, is losing weight. So here's some tips for you from me, whether its because you ate too much during the holiday season or you need abs because your're going to the beach this summer. Almost everyone wants to lose a pound or two or maybe 10, I hope this list helps!  Goodluck everyone!

Dieting Tips
I've read abt 30 articles about dieting in the past month. searching in the web for more tips, secrets and a really easy way to lose the pounds without messing with my eating habits... there are NONE. But reading so many articles and talking to so many people about this has made it even more confusing. So this a condensed version of all my researches.

1. Drink lots and lots of water and just water. No sodas or juices even if their DIET. Here’s why: Recent research has shown that artificial sweeteners in soda may interfere with your body’s ability to estimate how many calories you’ve ingested, so you eat more than you need.--from yahoo health. milk is allowed see tip #2

2. Eat and drink stuff that will help you poo at least 2x a day.  The more shit that comes out of you the less you'll weigh.  Eat green leafy veggies, oats, drink milk.  Whatever you know can make you poo.

3.  Fruits have sugar in them and you can eat alot of it before you become full, eat wheat bread with a spoonful of peanut butter instead.

4. Eat green leafy veggies, studies have shown if you eat veggies with your meals you consume a full 20 percent fewer calories overall — and still feel satisfied afterwards.  Eat at least 5 cups of veggies a day.

5.  Portion your food, put everything in your plate and stick to that, no more 2nd helpings. Oh! And use a smaller plate.

6.  Exercise, move around.  You should burn more calories than you intake in order to start losing weight.  The diet and exercise goes hand in hand with losing weight, you have to do both or you have to do too much of one of them.

7.  Exercise efficiently, when you're in the yoga class push yourself so you get the maximum benefits. When you're at the gym RUN on the treadmill instead of walking around the room doing nothing.  Schedule you exercises. two short, very intense (relative to your level of fitness) training sessions weekly, like a 15-minute fast run/walk or fast cycling sprint intervals, and two moderately long, moderately intense sessions (30-45 minutes) of strong walking, cycling, or yoga, with one long day (60-90 minutes) of a moderately paced walk/hike. That's a great five-day/week training schedule. --from an email.

8. Have a support grp. when you're feeling like eating cake, your support grp will share that cake with you hehe.  When you feel lazy that day and you're thinking of not going to the gym ltr, your support grp will talk you into going. They keep you motivated to keep working on your goals.  So far thats all I have :)

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