Saturday, January 29, 2011

Toy Review: Play Doh Sesame Street Fun Shapes Bucket

Who doesn't love the stuff?  Even I still enjoy making things with clay at my young age of 30.  I've been wanting to buy her Pay Doh or some version of it since Maxine was born.  I got her her first set when she was 1 year and 7mos old.  She loved it.  We already knew of her love for Elmo so when we saw the playdoh sesame street set we immediately got it for her.  We spent more than a month playing with that everyday.  

There are so many things included in the set that it occupied her attention for around 30mins everyday.  She made Cookie Monster, Big Bird and Elmo using the molds but it took her awhile to learn how so for the first few weeks we (papa bear and I) were the ones making them for her.  After she got bored with the 3 main finger puppet molds she went on to use the stamp molds.  She especially loved the small plastic knife included in the set.  Four 2ounce cans of clay are also included.

What she learned:  She learned how to form shapes with the cutters and to make things with clay.
Durability:  The molds, cutters and stamps are all still intact.  The 3 playmats got wet when the rain came into the house and it couldn't be salvaged anymore.  We never got to play with them.  The clay has dried up even if we took good care of them but they are repairable.
Fun/Entertainment Value:  Spent 20-30mins each time we played with it.  Distracted her from every other thought and kept her attention for so long we fell asleep while she played with it.  Worth every Peso!
Age: 1.6yrs old to 100.

*quick tip: put a few drops of water in the canister and cover overnight.  open and mix with play doh utensil to somehow get back its former texture.  repeat as long as necessary.  

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