Saturday, January 22, 2011

Toy Review: Leap Frog Sit to Stand Learning Walker

There are walkers of different shapes and sizes in the market.  When we say walker we think of the donut like thing with 4 wheels where you put the kid inside and he walks on his own all the while being surrounded by toys.  Well, they say those walkers aren't good for the kids so the new and "improved" kind is like the one in the picture.  I  wish I got the old style of walker for Maxiebear, this one was just too hard to master.  By the time your child can really use this as an aid to walk, he already knows how to walk on his own.  Maxiebear tried to use a Winnie The Pooh version of the learning walker and hit her head on the floor.  She fell backwards as she put her weight onto the handles and the toy slid away from her.  I was so shocked that I couldn't move.  After that I put the toy away.  I still wanted her to learn to walk so I went to the store and tested out the walkers they had.

The Playskool version is just as dangerous as the Winnie the Pooh one.  When I tried it out at the store, I almost fell!  I was actually on my knees trying it out!  There's something about the distance of the sets of wheels and where the weight goes as you try and depend on it to walk (thats just me trying to think of a reason why some walkers work while others are just too accident prone).  I also tried the Fisher Price and Chicco one.  Both passed the test but were too pricey for my budget.  I ended up getting the Leap Frog one, it has enough activities on it to entertain and was balanced enough for walking.  You can also take out the activity part of the toy so the baby can play with it even before she can walk.  Maxine loved the telephone on it, the piano keys and the page that you can turn.

Just be careful when using any thing with plastic wheels on tiles, they slide fast.  What some people do is they put tape on the wheels to keep it from moving too smoothly so the toy wont "run away" from the baby using it.  You just wrap the tape generously on all 4 wheels.

What she learned:  It helped her learn how to walk a little.
Durability: ***** (5 Stars) It still works.
Fun/ Entertainment Value: 5-8mins on standstill.  Indefinite when being pushed.  At the age when they need this toy, anything that can help them move from 1 point to another is going to be used a lot.
Age:  3mos to 1yr depending on when the child starts to walk.  You can use the activity pad separately at 3 mos or ever earlier.  Kaylabear uses it now as entertainment while she's sitting on my lap.


  1. Hi, Slao.

    What do you recommend pa rin? still the donut looking walker since it's safer? :)

  2. I never used a donut looking walker kasi di na daw yun doctor recommended. we just used a walker na parang walking wings. para sure na di sya mahuhulog and own strength nya ang gamit nya and di sya papabayaan ng yaya on her own :D